Saturday, April 1, 2017

Suburban Secrets 3: Home Invasion

Home isn't always where the heart is. Sometimes, home is where the violence is. 

What happens when your safe place becomes quite the opposite; when the term 'home sweet home' no longer applies? Find out the answers in the third installment of the Suburban Secrets series, Home Invasion.

Featuring stories such as, 'This is Business Not Pleasure' by Michael Noe, and 'Softly Comes the Ripper' by Michael Fisher, and including stories by Jim Goforth, Dawn Cano, Brian Barr, and several other great authors. Suburban Secrets is part of the series that you won't want to miss. So, lock your doors, and turn out the lights, Home Invasion is here!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Baum Ass Stories Too

This anthology is the second collection of stories based around the works and world's created by L. Frank Baum. These tales span the wonderful, seedy, corrupt, terrifying or raunchy land of Oz covering a variety of genres. These stunning reimaginings from a variety of contributors both known and unknown in fiction such as Kevin Candela, Donald Armfield, Roma Gray, Lindsey Goddard, Scott Claringbold, Jodie Manning, Edward Vaughn, Michael Faun, Dani Brown, Nicholas Vasquez, Essel Pratt Tracy Allen, Tiffany West, Tony Garcia, William Straw, Tori Danielle Scherer, Brian Barr, Beth Bartlett, Ricky Mohl Sr, Zeb Carter Michael Kanuckle and Raul Sarmiento! Strap on your red slippers for another trip down the Yellow Brick road with us! I swear we will knock your striped socks off!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

How to Cook a Baby

Do you have a taste for the forbidden? A hankerin’ for something nice and tender without the need to head out too far for the trouble? A genuine wrack of baby back ribs with pizzazz? Look no farther. Here you’ll find plenty of uses for that little squawker you been dyin’ to unload anyway.

Feeding a tantalizin’ baby meal to the family on the go may seem like a daunting task, but with the easy-to-prepare recipes gathered in this cookbook, you can make it happen without a lot of time spent in the kitchen or the nursery. Herein you’ll find loads of tips and tricks for tracking, planning, nabbing, prepping, cooking, packaging, and feeding the little suckers which will set you up for any situation. That FBI agent won’t have boo to say after he tries your baby sweet meats braised in butter and special spices!
Plus, nearly all of these cannibal delights can be made in advance and stored in the freezer, meaning that you can have an array of different meals at your fingertips!

Featuring stories and recipes by Essel Pratt, Toneye Eyenot, catt dahman, Michael Fisher, Andrew Freudenberg, Rose Garnett, Fox Emm, Brian Glossup, Michael Noe, Dani Brown, Peter Oliver Wonder, and David Owain Hughes

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sweet Dreams

Toss and turn your way through a darkly haunting world of nightmares. After reading this anthology you may never again sleep with the lights off. If you ever dare sleep at all...
23 twisted stories and 5 haunting poems from the depraved minds of:
Kitty Kane
Paul J. Elias
Andrew Lennon
J. Duncan
Toneye Eyenot
J. L. Lane
Essel Pratt
G. H. Finn
Veronica Smith
C.S Anderson
Jim Goforth
Peter Oliver Wonder
Dani Brown
Norbert Góra
Roy C. Booth
Cynthia Booth
Lisa Dabrowski
Anusha VR
Kevin Wimer
Christine King
Tina Piney
R. E. Lyons
Frank Martin

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Memento Mori: A Digital Horror Fiction Anthology of Short Stories

If you’re looking for an array of Horror stories to sink your teeth into, look no further than Memento Mori…pay the Ferryman, and prepare to take the ride of your life.
The title, Memento Mori, is Latin and literally means: “Remember you too must die.” An ominous-sounding phrase, the saying derived from Puritan settlers who would often display tokens of death as a reminder to the living of the fragility of life…not to mention the eternal punishment awaiting those who wallowed in wickedness.

Death has always been a fascination to the living, meaning different things to different groups of people. Edgar Allan Poe nailed it when he said: “The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?”

There is a wealth of truly incredible talent within these pages, each storyteller attempting to explore that very question. Her is a healthy book full of decidedly unhealthy stories. With Death being the key element in each one of those stories, you might be expecting a morbid ride, but rest assured, there are quite a few pieces of comedic gold lined inside this skeleton’s spine, along with the many that will send a chill down your own.

Friday, December 23, 2016


Shark. Tarantula. Sharkantula.

When a genetically modified tarantula finds itself loose in the Great White shark exhibit at Shark World, the feisty arachnid sinks its fangs into the main attraction. Without warning, the Great White mutates into Sharkantula and the opening day show turns deadly.

The mutated shark/tarantula hybrid is hungry and ready to feast upon the flesh of those that don't run away fast enough to escape her webbing.

Desperate to stop the carnage, a group of Shark World employees join forces with the tarantula's keeper in an effort to stop the devastation before Sharkantula can escape the confines of the aquatic theme park and spread her terror across the United States.

"For the past few years, many of us have enjoyed the Sharknado movies, with their call back to the old B-movie days. Well, if you like the Skarknado movies, you will love Sharkatula.
Sharkatula is a scary romp through a Sea World style amusement park with, of all things, a part shark and part tarantula creature in pursuit of the attendees and park workers. Talk about a double nightmare! I will not include any spoilers on how this came about or how it ends, but I will tell you it is a thoroughly enjoyable action piece, full of chills and thrills, along with a cast of delightful characters and mutant creatures. I highly recommend it."
~Roma Gray, Author of the Hunted Tribe

"Monster mashups. There’s been a few, but what sets this one apart from the others? The human element in this story: the strained relationship between father and daughter plays an integral role in the telling of this tale. The father, a scientist working to develop a cure for cancer through the genetic modification of spiders, goes against the stipulations of the funding granted, landing him in quite a bit of trouble. His daughter, moved from place to place over the years due to her father’s work, has finally found where she wants to stay, working at a marine park, looking after the star attraction, a Great White named Danae. The father, due to his unsanctioned research, once again needs to skip town, but the daughter won’t have a bar of it. One of his subjects, a tarantula, hitches a ride to the shark exhibit and what ensues is a very original and terrifying outcome as Tarantula and Great White become “acquainted”.  
Essel Pratt does a terrific job with the creation of the “Sharkantula”, as it hunts the daughter and her friends throughout the marine park. Giving great detail with the blending of the predatory nature of a shark and the cunning of a spider, this amalgamation makes for a formidable hunter. Reading this has a very cinematic feel to it and would make for a pretty damn awesome movie! Highly recommended read indeed!" 
~Toneye Eyenot – Author of Blood Moon Big Top and The Sacred Blade Of Profanity series.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Vampz Vz Wolvz

The dark of night. The full of the moon.

There is a distant, rage-filled howl, followed by another...yet another...on silent wings of death, the vampire hordes descend.

The werewolf pack is swarmed by hundreds as they battle furiously against their age old foe.

Will they survive?

Will they emerge victorious to howl their triumph to the moon above? Or will they fall beneath the crushing devastation of vampire might?

Enter a world of war as these authors bring you a battle of the centuries and decide for yourself...Vampz? or Wolvz?

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Rejected for Content 5: Sanitarium


Where do you go after you’ve been to hell? Quite simple, really. You go insane.

If you thought hell was the worst place you would ever find yourself, you’re wrong. Dead wrong. Now, all the horror, the sordid sights and scenes, the bloodshed, the depravity, the perversion experienced before are going to culminate in only one thing. Sheer lunacy.

Welcome to a place where madness dwells, insanity rules supreme and nothing is ever quite as it seems. With tales of asylums, twisted, disturbed souls who either belong here, or certainly should, heinous deeds and unhinged mental states, Rejected For Content 5: Sanitarium is here to plumb the darkest depths yet.

These stories have all been rejected for content and the scribes responsible for them should all be institutionalised.
Featuring Toneye Eyenot, David Sgalambro, Evan Romero, Howard Carlyle, Mark Leney, David Owain Hughes, RD Cervo, J.L. Lane, G. Zimmerman, Thomas M. Malafarina, Matthew Weber, Michael Fisher, Amanda M. Lyons, Andrew Bell, Mark Nye, Brent Lorentson, Tamara Fey Turner, James Cavahl, Zachary Smith, C. A. Viruet, Christopher Ridge, Essel Pratt and K. Trap Jones.

Warning: Strong violence, explicit sex, coarse language, blood and gore.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

FTB Presents: The Renegades of Prose

A renegade is person who lives by their own set of rules. Someone who is not afraid to defy what they, or others may consider normal. With this anthology, we looked for stories that challenged the writers creativity and took risks with the subject matter and/or style. A story that defines the writer as a Renegade of Prose. The Renegades of Prose is a collection of stories from 18 international authors, including Maggie Vaness, Jessica Bowden, Catherine A. MacKenzie, DJ Tyrer, Essell Pratt, Lance Hyden, Paul Rhodes, Phil Richardson, Sandi Sonnenfeld, Na’amah Segal, Stephen McQuiggan, Bryn Fortey, Rob Nicholson, Frank Roger, Chris Moylan, Jill Boyles, Mike Sherer, and James Pyne. Each of these writers dared themselves to create a story that allowed them to become a Renegade of Prose. The Renegades have penned stories about a jealous roommate, an exterminator hired to tackle a unique pest, a rapidly spreading skin condition, a corporate bigwig who has been kidnapped, a scribing monk who made too many errors and a memorable night of Trick or Treating. This is a diverse collection of stories full of twists and turns, some may be disturbing and others thought provoking, but the one thing they have in common is they came from the mind of a Renegade.

VS: US vs. UK Horror


All proceeds from the purchase of this book will be donated to the Second Chance Center for Animals (US) and the West Wales Poundies Dog Rescue (UK) charities.

Who writes the best horror: the US or the UK? Find out for yourself in VS: US vs UK, a competition anthology featuring some of the year's best horror, judged by horror enthusiasts and you: the readers.

Featuring Pre-Fight Hype from The Ginger Nuts of Horror and The Eyes of Madness!

The Contenders...
Duncan Ralston vs Rich Hawkins
James Ward Kirk vs Kit Power
Glenn Rolfe vs Lex H. Jones
Tim Miller vs Daniel I. Russel
John Ledger vs Jim Goforth
Essel Pratt vs Daniel Marc Chant
Thomas S. Flowers vs Kyle M. Scott
Jonathan Ondrashek vs David Owain Hughes
T.S. Woolard vs Toneye Eyenot
Michael Noe vs Dani Brown
Sisters of Slaughter vs Matt Hickman
Salome Jones vs Kitty Kane
Peter Oliver Wonder vs Kevin J Kennedy