Sunday, November 26, 2017

Fireside Stories

The Halloween Horror Lives On…

For the month of October 2017, J. Ellington Ashton Press, on their Wicked Little Things blog-talk radio, broadcasted a series of Halloween stories. These “Fireside Stories” (as they were called) were a big hit with the listeners, and the decision was quickly made to publish these tales of terror into a kindle/paperback/audiobook anthology.

Written by some of JEA’s most terrifying authors—Catt Dahman, Jim Goforth, Mark Woods, Michael Noe, Essel Pratt, Amanda M. Lyons, Michael Fisher, Toneye Eyenot, Kitty Kane, and Roma Gray—these stories will send a shiver up your spine and remind you what Halloween is all about.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Kicking Cancer: Class of 2017 Andy Taylor

A Collection of Dark Tales for a Dark Time.

Kicked down by cancer, Andy has struggled to make ends meet. Being a self employed decorator he is no longer earning money to support his family.

This Charity anthology has been put together by a talented selection of dark authors to help Andy and his family through this dark time.

All proceeds from sales of this book will go to Andy to help keep a roof over his families head.

Andy Taylor
Class of 2017
Kicking cancers butt!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The Classics Never Die!: An Anthology of Old School Movie Monsters

Dracula, Wolfman, The Mummy, Frankenstein. You've lived with the stories your whole life. You've read the tales. You've watched the films. But what if the stories were different? What if the things you read about these monsters were warped and twisted? Here lie stories you may not have heard. Stories both weird and shocking. Bizarre and grotesque. Alternate versions of your favorite classic monsters you've never read and never will again.

Featuring 13 stories by Jonathan Moon, The Sisters Slaughter, Tom Lucas and more!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Ungodly Undoing: Tales of Ubiquitous Umbrage

Strange occurrences plague Mishawaka, Indiana’s past and present. Local lore whispers accusations of strange and peculiar happenings, prefacing uncertainty if the future is safe. A meeting of youthful inquiry and aged intellect coalesce to reveal the tales behind the secrets. Only the future will reveal if their telling will be Mishawaka’s ungodly undoing!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Doorway to Death 2

In Doorway to Death, you met death head on, traveling the varied path by which man may meet his end. In Doorway to Death: Afterlife you'll be asked to go further, from the moment of death on, into the strange planes that lie beyond all we know. Are you ready to meet your end? Is it all that you expected?

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Yeti, Yearning

A young yeti, out scavenging with his parents, wanders off and discovers a lone cabin in the woods. A beautiful woman inside awakens his pubescent desires as he finds love for the first time. The young yeti visits the woman on multiple occasions, conjuring lustful desires within.

When the young yeti’s father realizes his son has been visiting the woman, he chooses to put a stop to it once and for all. However, the young yeti is not willing to let his father stand in the way of true love.

The intimate tale explores the boundaries of forbidden love and the horror that lurks within.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Rejected for Content 6: Workplace Relations

Ever had that one job you absolutely hated? Where the thought of getting out of bed in the morning to go to work filled you with dread? Underpaid, under appreciated? Sick of seeing others advance while you stagnate? What about a job you absolutely loved, and couldn't bear leaving? How about no job at all? No experience. No prospects. No future. For volume six, Rejected for Content is heading off to work. When good jobs go bad. When bad jobs get worse. Bastard bosses. Disturbed co-workers. Places where the most unhinged of souls would never dream of working in their wildest nightmares. When workplace relations break down beyond fixing. Or strengthen, in ways that are just plain wrong. Successful job applicants include Jonathan Edward Ondrashek, Thomas M. Malafarina, Lucretia Stanhope, Michael Noe, David Owain Hughes, Dani Brown, Brent Lorentson, Andrew Bell, Evan Romero, Tabitha Thompson, Josh Davis, Sam Morgan Phillips, G. Zimmerman, Essel Pratt, Amanda M. Lyons, Howard Carlyle, Roy C. Booth & Axel Kohagen, Garvan Giltinan, Kitty Kane, William Bradley, Mark Leney, and Toneye Eyenot Warning: Strong Violence, explicit sex, coarse language, blood and gore.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Thicket

A thicket.

What could be more normal and harmless than that?

As you're about to find out, it isn't the outer appearance that decides your fortune. No. It's the darkness and secrets hidden among the trees and bushes, dark nightmares contained within their leafy branches, that are coming for you. All you have to do is be brave enough. Daring enough. To slip inside.

Black Magic Massacre

Curses, Hexes, Demons foul and fair
The words you speak have power…beware
Draw down the Moon or raise the dead
Control those thoughts which fill your head

Fire burn – the candle’s flame
Recite ancient words and forgotten names
With circle cast and censer smoking
Be sure you know what you’re invoking

Chicken’s blood and entrails
A lock of flaxen hair
The heady scent of incense
Casts sigils in the air

Behold, this book of darkened rites
And seek to gain the second sight
Turn these pages if you so dare
Beware, Black Magic Massacre

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Orleans Occult: Bourbon Street Lucifer

Mardis Gras is a time of celebration, an occasion to lose one's inhibitions, and a time for the devious minds to hide among the crowds.

As the party rages on, a pair of police officers notice something isn't right as the happy-go-lucky visitors begin to violently attack each other. As the night goes on, violence turns to murder and the officers search out clues to find out what, or who, is behind the violence.

The hot and humid night seems to drag on as the officers utilize good old detective work while they walk the streets, searching out the man known as the Bourbon Street Lucifer, the man behind the night's disturbances.

What will happen when they find themselves deep in the midst of the Orleans Occult? How will it end when they finally meet the Bourbon Street Lucifer?

#P26 #Project26

Nocturnal Nightmares

As the comfort of daylight fades and the purple hues of twilight taints the sky, the mind and soul shiver in terror, for very soon - far too soon - the nocturnal nightmares will once again begin...

In this anthology, you will find a collection of nightmares written by some of the most talented, cutting-edge horror writers we could find, and we harbor no doubt these frightful flights of fancy will entertain you well into the witching hour.

Read them if you dare...
#P26 #Project26

Repercussions Run Rampant: Tales of Revenge, Regret. And Retribution (Project 26 Book 18)

Repercussions of one’s actions are often not realized for many moons. Usually, such retorts result in minor inconveniences that merely mar the soul and bruise one’s pride. However, when repercussions run afoul, evil in its purest form reveals her damning desire to push one over the edge.

These are those stories

#P26 #Project26


Space, the final frontier. A place of mystery and horror. Enter other worlds filled with mystery and terror. Extraterrestrial explores the furthest reaches of your imagination, and holds it hostage. Join us on a trip that will blow your mind and leave you breathless

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Psycho Path

Life is a journey. An adventure – A path trod with uncertainty. For most of us, the difficulties encountered along life’s path help to forge us into stronger, wiser, and more well-balanced human beings. We learn from our missteps and build upon our lessons learned. For some, however, life’s adversities take their toll; often early on and with dire consequences for the future. The spiral into madness lends no hope of return. What is real and what is imaginary soon becomes a blurred caricature of existence, leading us nimbly along the path to insanity.

Why do we do the things we do? How does one find solace in the suffering of another? Is there even a way to reset the moral compass once that needle is spun out of control? It’s a cruel world we live in, one filled with darkness and confusion. Terror, and the worst kind of monster – human.

Insectile Illusion

Nothing makes the skin crawl more than skin crawling with insects. Making their way into every orifice, burrowing through flesh to lay their eggs by the million; you, their unwilling host. Swarms invading your home, infesting the streets, devouring crops, bringing disease, famine, and death. If the insects decide to take over, there is next to nothing you can do in defence. Now, keep this in the forefront of your mind as you delve into this entomological excursion. The stories within are guaranteed to have you swatting and scratching at illusive insects as you read the tales these authors have poured into this bug collection from hell. Your own bed, especially, will no longer be a sanctuary as the antagonists of these stories follow you into your nightmares.

But hey, it all just an illusion, right? Right?

Zombies: Zero Hour

Notions of the undead have fascinated and terrified humanity for centuries, and none more so than those tales revolving around zombies. From the very root of the zombie myth back in the Haitian slave days, to a saturation through popular culture, zombies have crawled their way up out of their graves, refusing to stay interred. Now, as their hordes increase and their hungers grow, the undead plagues cannot be stopped. It isn't just a case of no room left on Earth. The apocalypse is here, and it's time for humanity to abdicate their positions as rulers of the planet to those monstrous reanimated ghouls from the tomb. Humans have had their day.

Time's up. The world belongs to the zombies now. It's zero hour.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Xperimental Genocide

I'm excited to announce the release of my 8th book!

Racism. Hate. Delusion.

Each is an integral ingredient in the recipe of genocide. Each was present during World War II.

Imagine if Adolf Hitler were still alive today, hiding out in the one place no one would find him, dead center in the United States. Imagine he, and a small group of dedicated Nazis, discovered a way to resurrect one of the most iconic Jewish symbols of World War II, recreated through a sample of found DNA. Imagine if that person was to be used as a weapon to once begin an onslaught against the Jews.

Xperimental Genocide delves into the ‘what ifs’ as Dr. Ackerman is tasked with summoning the hatred within a young girl that was born from the ashes of Hitler’s hatred of the Jewish people. Faced with the decision to follow orders or his own ethics, Dr. Ackerman finds himself deep in trenches of Hitler’s Xperimental Genocide.

Slaughter on the Seas

Filled with monstrous entities from the deep, both real and fabled, and sailed by marauding pirate ships with bloodthirsty souls looking to plunder and destroy. The great briny blue of the ocean is one of the most terrifying places imaginable. With almost three quarters of the Earth covered by sea,this vast expanse is home to myriad horrors.

From hundreds of fathoms down, or lurking just beneath the surface, to brazenly navigating the nautical domain, these deadly threats are just waiting for unsuspecting souls to take to the waters.

So come on, take the plunge. Dive on in. The water is fine. What exists within, it is another story.



Where your rights and freedom have been stripped away. Where you are trapped with the dying, the dead, and sometimes even the undead.

The shrieking, the smell of rot, and the unrelenting sickness that destroys your body and soul. No one can survive.

The Quarantine...

Dance with the Demon

Demons – we all have them. Like a parasitic shadow, attaching itself and penetrating its foul claws deep into your soul, your own personal demon feeds on your fears. Fear – the basest of all human emotions; the one from which all our others gain impetus and purpose – even of love.

Throughout history, the Demon has been projected outwards, given form, given a cornucopia of names and even hierarchies. Truth be told, they are a deeply ingrained expression of our own psyches. Manifesting in a myriad of ways: addictions – physical, mental and spiritual; hatred and prejudice, ignorance and subservience – the Demon lives within us all, and choreographs the dance of life towards death.

As you immerse yourself in the demonic tales within these pages, the question may arise…

How much of yourself have you given away, as you Dance with the Demon

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Lacrimation of the Leviathan: From the Case Files of Detective Mansfield

Katherine Mansfield is a no-nonsense private detective in Mishawaka, Indiana. Adopted at an early age, by a police officer, Detective Mansfield was taught early to never take shit from anyone. Tough as nails, she has been the go to investigator for the strange and macabre cases that lurk in the shadows in her small hometown.

When Detective Mansfield is called to the scene of an attempted rape, her callous approach begins a journey into a world that she had no idea existed. In a bizarre twist, Mansfield finds herself a victim of love, seduced by the rapist, becoming intertwined in darkness, until a new case beckons her forth. As her investigation sends her deeper down the proverbial rabbit hole, Detective Mansfield discovers the world is not what it seems.

As Detective Mansfield learns of the existence of the ancient text titled Melkal Demban- Khompf de Ghat, she finds herself teaming up with Hugues Kadmiel Christ, Hugh for short, an unlikely guide into the hidden world that conceals the existence of the Leviathan. Detective Mansfield and Hugh work together to stop the Leviathan’s Lacrimation, before the entire world falls beneath its tears.

Lacrimation of the Leviathan is book one in the case files of Detective Mansfield.

Backwoods Bonfire, by Essel Pratt

Horrific tales of fright told around a bonfire in during remote backwoods retreats are common among close friends. As each person tests the others’ ability to remain calm and resist the urge to look over a shoulder as the sounds of nature bellow out in the backdrop, only one may claim victory as the most frightening of the group.

Backwoods Bonfire inserts the reader into a group of friends that unintentionally create a case study on what horror means to them, attempting to coerce the others to believe that horror is specific, not fluid. However, one of the friends chooses to prove that horror is as real as the fire they all gather around.

Vampz Vendetta

Vampire: The reanimated body of a dead person believed to come from the grave at night and suck the blood of persons asleep. Vendetta: A blood feud in which the family of the murdered person seeks vengeance on the murderer or the murderer's family. Vampires and humans have been involved in a vendetta spanning centuries, hunting and killing one another, each for their own reasons. In this collection, we put the sparkles aside in order to find out what really makes the bloodsuckers tick. Featuring tales of such as "Snick, Snick" by Dona Fox, and "Hurt" by Ash Harwell, along with stories and poetry by the likes of Toneye Eyenot, Brian Barr, Sharon L. Higa, and more. Vampz: Vendetta is an anthology that you should welcome into your home, but remember, we can't come in unless we're invited.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Big Book of Poetry, published by Anthology House

It started with an idea, An idea to make a book. So we released a call for submissions, Just to try our luck. Many people came forward, To show us the talents that they own. And so an idea grew and grew, Into a world of its own. With everything from love to hate, Birth, death and society, Anthology House Publishing are proud to announce... The BIG Book Of Poetry.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Suburban Secrets 3: Home Invasion

Home isn't always where the heart is. Sometimes, home is where the violence is. 

What happens when your safe place becomes quite the opposite; when the term 'home sweet home' no longer applies? Find out the answers in the third installment of the Suburban Secrets series, Home Invasion.

Featuring stories such as, 'This is Business Not Pleasure' by Michael Noe, and 'Softly Comes the Ripper' by Michael Fisher, and including stories by Jim Goforth, Dawn Cano, Brian Barr, and several other great authors. Suburban Secrets is part of the series that you won't want to miss. So, lock your doors, and turn out the lights, Home Invasion is here!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Baum Ass Stories Too

This anthology is the second collection of stories based around the works and world's created by L. Frank Baum. These tales span the wonderful, seedy, corrupt, terrifying or raunchy land of Oz covering a variety of genres. These stunning reimaginings from a variety of contributors both known and unknown in fiction such as Kevin Candela, Donald Armfield, Roma Gray, Lindsey Goddard, Scott Claringbold, Jodie Manning, Edward Vaughn, Michael Faun, Dani Brown, Nicholas Vasquez, Essel Pratt Tracy Allen, Tiffany West, Tony Garcia, William Straw, Tori Danielle Scherer, Brian Barr, Beth Bartlett, Ricky Mohl Sr, Zeb Carter Michael Kanuckle and Raul Sarmiento! Strap on your red slippers for another trip down the Yellow Brick road with us! I swear we will knock your striped socks off!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

How to Cook a Baby

Do you have a taste for the forbidden? A hankerin’ for something nice and tender without the need to head out too far for the trouble? A genuine wrack of baby back ribs with pizzazz? Look no farther. Here you’ll find plenty of uses for that little squawker you been dyin’ to unload anyway.

Feeding a tantalizin’ baby meal to the family on the go may seem like a daunting task, but with the easy-to-prepare recipes gathered in this cookbook, you can make it happen without a lot of time spent in the kitchen or the nursery. Herein you’ll find loads of tips and tricks for tracking, planning, nabbing, prepping, cooking, packaging, and feeding the little suckers which will set you up for any situation. That FBI agent won’t have boo to say after he tries your baby sweet meats braised in butter and special spices!
Plus, nearly all of these cannibal delights can be made in advance and stored in the freezer, meaning that you can have an array of different meals at your fingertips!

Featuring stories and recipes by Essel Pratt, Toneye Eyenot, catt dahman, Michael Fisher, Andrew Freudenberg, Rose Garnett, Fox Emm, Brian Glossup, Michael Noe, Dani Brown, Peter Oliver Wonder, and David Owain Hughes

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sweet Dreams

Toss and turn your way through a darkly haunting world of nightmares. After reading this anthology you may never again sleep with the lights off. If you ever dare sleep at all...
23 twisted stories and 5 haunting poems from the depraved minds of:
Kitty Kane
Paul J. Elias
Andrew Lennon
J. Duncan
Toneye Eyenot
J. L. Lane
Essel Pratt
G. H. Finn
Veronica Smith
C.S Anderson
Jim Goforth
Peter Oliver Wonder
Dani Brown
Norbert Góra
Roy C. Booth
Cynthia Booth
Lisa Dabrowski
Anusha VR
Kevin Wimer
Christine King
Tina Piney
R. E. Lyons
Frank Martin

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Memento Mori: A Digital Horror Fiction Anthology of Short Stories

If you’re looking for an array of Horror stories to sink your teeth into, look no further than Memento Mori…pay the Ferryman, and prepare to take the ride of your life.
The title, Memento Mori, is Latin and literally means: “Remember you too must die.” An ominous-sounding phrase, the saying derived from Puritan settlers who would often display tokens of death as a reminder to the living of the fragility of life…not to mention the eternal punishment awaiting those who wallowed in wickedness.

Death has always been a fascination to the living, meaning different things to different groups of people. Edgar Allan Poe nailed it when he said: “The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?”

There is a wealth of truly incredible talent within these pages, each storyteller attempting to explore that very question. Her is a healthy book full of decidedly unhealthy stories. With Death being the key element in each one of those stories, you might be expecting a morbid ride, but rest assured, there are quite a few pieces of comedic gold lined inside this skeleton’s spine, along with the many that will send a chill down your own.