Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Grays, Published by JWK Fiction

The Grays is a probing, analytical anthology of, well, is it really fiction? Do The Grays live among us? We say yes, and the stories included will make you cry, angry, frightened and laugh out loud. Dare to take a look at The Grays living among us. And, if YOU are a Gray, don't buy this book.

Author Index

Dona Fox   The Grays of Ribbon Ridge
Glenn Rolfe   Hollowed
William Cook   The Moon Came Down
Murphy Edwards   Keepers          
David Schütz II   The Tale of Good Mister Keigwin
K.Z. Morano   The Conception
William Petersen   In Plain Sight
Lenny Rushmore   wisdoms lent...
Lemmy Rushmore  The Happenings
David Schütz II   The Eventual Deification of David Brubaker        
Rick Powell   They Came Before, Never To Come Again
Micke Lindquist   Makin' hybrids!         
Donna Marie West   Owls
Mathias Jansson   Phone home
Neil Carroll Ellison   Two-Pump Chump
Micke Lindquist   The Women in White
Doug Rinaldi   Alchemy of Faith
Roger Cowin   Size Matters         
Alex S. Johnson   Alien Sucks
Essel Pratt    Small Town Sanctuary
Dona Fox   Blackberry Wine
Dona Fox   Alienated
Magenta Nero   Kindred
Michael Kellar   Witness Protection
T. Maxim Simmler   To The Stars and Back: A Love story.   With Aliens.
Steve Foreman   True Colours
Justin Hunter   Frying Pan
David J. Rank   Chocolate
Maria Mitchell  Grains of Future Promise
T.s. Woolard   Distorted
James Pratt   Buford Hollis and the Invaders from Planet X
Christopher Hivner   Invasion Season
Lemmy Rushmore  Untitled
Toneye Eyenot   Gray Matter
David Schütz II   Gabriel
Jacurutu99   The Gray Area