Friday, December 23, 2016


Shark. Tarantula. Sharkantula.

When a genetically modified tarantula finds itself loose in the Great White shark exhibit at Shark World, the feisty arachnid sinks its fangs into the main attraction. Without warning, the Great White mutates into Sharkantula and the opening day show turns deadly.

The mutated shark/tarantula hybrid is hungry and ready to feast upon the flesh of those that don't run away fast enough to escape her webbing.

Desperate to stop the carnage, a group of Shark World employees join forces with the tarantula's keeper in an effort to stop the devastation before Sharkantula can escape the confines of the aquatic theme park and spread her terror across the United States.

"For the past few years, many of us have enjoyed the Sharknado movies, with their call back to the old B-movie days. Well, if you like the Skarknado movies, you will love Sharkatula.
Sharkatula is a scary romp through a Sea World style amusement park with, of all things, a part shark and part tarantula creature in pursuit of the attendees and park workers. Talk about a double nightmare! I will not include any spoilers on how this came about or how it ends, but I will tell you it is a thoroughly enjoyable action piece, full of chills and thrills, along with a cast of delightful characters and mutant creatures. I highly recommend it."
~Roma Gray, Author of the Hunted Tribe

"Monster mashups. There’s been a few, but what sets this one apart from the others? The human element in this story: the strained relationship between father and daughter plays an integral role in the telling of this tale. The father, a scientist working to develop a cure for cancer through the genetic modification of spiders, goes against the stipulations of the funding granted, landing him in quite a bit of trouble. His daughter, moved from place to place over the years due to her father’s work, has finally found where she wants to stay, working at a marine park, looking after the star attraction, a Great White named Danae. The father, due to his unsanctioned research, once again needs to skip town, but the daughter won’t have a bar of it. One of his subjects, a tarantula, hitches a ride to the shark exhibit and what ensues is a very original and terrifying outcome as Tarantula and Great White become “acquainted”.  
Essel Pratt does a terrific job with the creation of the “Sharkantula”, as it hunts the daughter and her friends throughout the marine park. Giving great detail with the blending of the predatory nature of a shark and the cunning of a spider, this amalgamation makes for a formidable hunter. Reading this has a very cinematic feel to it and would make for a pretty damn awesome movie! Highly recommended read indeed!" 
~Toneye Eyenot – Author of Blood Moon Big Top and The Sacred Blade Of Profanity series.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Vampz Vz Wolvz

The dark of night. The full of the moon.

There is a distant, rage-filled howl, followed by another...yet another...on silent wings of death, the vampire hordes descend.

The werewolf pack is swarmed by hundreds as they battle furiously against their age old foe.

Will they survive?

Will they emerge victorious to howl their triumph to the moon above? Or will they fall beneath the crushing devastation of vampire might?

Enter a world of war as these authors bring you a battle of the centuries and decide for yourself...Vampz? or Wolvz?

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Rejected for Content 5: Sanitarium


Where do you go after you’ve been to hell? Quite simple, really. You go insane.

If you thought hell was the worst place you would ever find yourself, you’re wrong. Dead wrong. Now, all the horror, the sordid sights and scenes, the bloodshed, the depravity, the perversion experienced before are going to culminate in only one thing. Sheer lunacy.

Welcome to a place where madness dwells, insanity rules supreme and nothing is ever quite as it seems. With tales of asylums, twisted, disturbed souls who either belong here, or certainly should, heinous deeds and unhinged mental states, Rejected For Content 5: Sanitarium is here to plumb the darkest depths yet.

These stories have all been rejected for content and the scribes responsible for them should all be institutionalised.
Featuring Toneye Eyenot, David Sgalambro, Evan Romero, Howard Carlyle, Mark Leney, David Owain Hughes, RD Cervo, J.L. Lane, G. Zimmerman, Thomas M. Malafarina, Matthew Weber, Michael Fisher, Amanda M. Lyons, Andrew Bell, Mark Nye, Brent Lorentson, Tamara Fey Turner, James Cavahl, Zachary Smith, C. A. Viruet, Christopher Ridge, Essel Pratt and K. Trap Jones.

Warning: Strong violence, explicit sex, coarse language, blood and gore.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

FTB Presents: The Renegades of Prose

A renegade is person who lives by their own set of rules. Someone who is not afraid to defy what they, or others may consider normal. With this anthology, we looked for stories that challenged the writers creativity and took risks with the subject matter and/or style. A story that defines the writer as a Renegade of Prose. The Renegades of Prose is a collection of stories from 18 international authors, including Maggie Vaness, Jessica Bowden, Catherine A. MacKenzie, DJ Tyrer, Essell Pratt, Lance Hyden, Paul Rhodes, Phil Richardson, Sandi Sonnenfeld, Na’amah Segal, Stephen McQuiggan, Bryn Fortey, Rob Nicholson, Frank Roger, Chris Moylan, Jill Boyles, Mike Sherer, and James Pyne. Each of these writers dared themselves to create a story that allowed them to become a Renegade of Prose. The Renegades have penned stories about a jealous roommate, an exterminator hired to tackle a unique pest, a rapidly spreading skin condition, a corporate bigwig who has been kidnapped, a scribing monk who made too many errors and a memorable night of Trick or Treating. This is a diverse collection of stories full of twists and turns, some may be disturbing and others thought provoking, but the one thing they have in common is they came from the mind of a Renegade.

VS: US vs. UK Horror


All proceeds from the purchase of this book will be donated to the Second Chance Center for Animals (US) and the West Wales Poundies Dog Rescue (UK) charities.

Who writes the best horror: the US or the UK? Find out for yourself in VS: US vs UK, a competition anthology featuring some of the year's best horror, judged by horror enthusiasts and you: the readers.

Featuring Pre-Fight Hype from The Ginger Nuts of Horror and The Eyes of Madness!

The Contenders...
Duncan Ralston vs Rich Hawkins
James Ward Kirk vs Kit Power
Glenn Rolfe vs Lex H. Jones
Tim Miller vs Daniel I. Russel
John Ledger vs Jim Goforth
Essel Pratt vs Daniel Marc Chant
Thomas S. Flowers vs Kyle M. Scott
Jonathan Ondrashek vs David Owain Hughes
T.S. Woolard vs Toneye Eyenot
Michael Noe vs Dani Brown
Sisters of Slaughter vs Matt Hickman
Salome Jones vs Kitty Kane
Peter Oliver Wonder vs Kevin J Kennedy

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Erie Tales IX: Transformation

Change is hard. It's especially difficult when you're just trying to fit in with fur or fangs or your wings just make you look fat. In this our 9th offering, Erie Tales takes note of Shapeshifters, those that hide among us with unnatural appetites, unusual final forms, and toes that will never look cute in peep-toe pumps. Let your hair down, shake a tail feather, and really let yourself go. You're among friends now, and we accept you for what you are. Forever.

Harambe and the Very Bad Day (Life Isn't Fair)

Life Isn’t Fair is a series of children’s books that skip the ‘once upon a time’ and happy endings, instead teaching lessons through real life events. 

In Harambe and the Very Bad Day, children learn not to judge a book by its cover and to think before they react. Or else, something very bad may happen. 

The story follows Harambe, an innocent victim in a crime of circumstance. His joy is soon taken away as an unfortunate event turns his life upside down.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Full Moon Slaughter

“Even a man who is pure at heart and who says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the Autumn Moon is bright.”
This quote, made famous from the 1941 werewolf film classic, The Wolf Man, is the embodiment of the terror within man of that which can’t be controlled – The beast which resides within us all. The curse (or blessing, depending on one’s perception) of the werewolf has inspired many films and many books, which now brings us to Full Moon Slaughter. Within this tome, you will find a large and diverse collection of tales; stories which are dark, brutal and haunting. Tales true to the wolf or other shifter within. Accounts of Lycanthropy, of curses, lunatic carnage and full moon mayhem. Welcome to the slaughter. It’s time to unleash the beast within!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Down the Rabbit Hole: Tales of Insanity

These ‘Tales of Insanity’ bring us new adventures from Alice, the Mad-Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, and many other crazy characters from Wonderland. Poetry and prose from authors such as T. S. Woolard, Sebastian Crow, Dona Fox, Michael Noe, and many others, make up this Alice-inspired anthology. So, take a big puff and hold onto your hookah as we fall ‘Down the Rabbit Hole.’

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Season's Bleedings, edited by Roma Gray, cover art by Stephen Cooney

The Holidays: A time of family, laughter, gifts, eggnog, toasted marshmallows - and terror!

As our own version of a 'Secret Santa', we asked some of our favorite horror writers to craft their best tales of murder and mayhem featuring each other. No one knew who was writing about who, only that someone out there was plotting their literary demise. And, as one might expect, some of these authors got a little carried away, not only brutalizing their selected victim, but also attacking a few other writers along the way.

When you read these stories, you will see why we think the holidays area scream...

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Trashed, published by J. Ellington Ashton Press

 Jim Goforth, Dani Brown, Michael Noe, the Sisters of Slaughter, Justin Hunter and a dozen other authors make up this collection of toxic, tales of inebriation, sex and violence. Trashed is a perfect blend of Horror and splatterpunk, topped off with a splash of Bizarro that will leave some interesting visions burned in to your brain.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Drowning in Gore

Have you heard the way the water moves? The slow drift of a thousand rivers, the mist of the waves, the fall of rain, the weight of fog on your flesh. Do you know its secrets? Ancient and primordial the waters rise and fall all around and deep within us all, driving and deep. What dwells within? What does it whisper when we're not listening, how does it swirl in the wrinkles and folds of our flesh? What stories would it tell, full and swollen with thin blood and thicker matter, death and the years of man's brief history, wrapped in water's endless cycles. Go there with us now, listen to the words, see her dark secrets, taste of the salt and iron, drown in its gore.

Stories by: Toneye Eyenot, Essel Pratt, Kevin Candela, Richard D. Ramsey, Amanda M. Lyons, Donald Armfield, Tina Piney, Charie D. La Marr, Brian Barr, Justin Hunter, Kent Hill, Dona Fox, and Jim Goforth

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Midnight Remains (2nd Edition)

The authors of J. Ellington Ashton Press have come to be known for twisted minds and warped stories through anthologies like Rejected for Content and Splat, but we’ve also been the home of subtler fair that cuts just as close to the bone-often to the very marrow. In anthologies like All That Remains and Midnight Remains, two anthologies that brought together some of the most renowned small press authors currently in print, authors found a voice in darker spaces. In this 2nd edition Midnight Remains returns, including newer JEA authors who have more than earned their place, forging fresh paths among the classic stories of the first.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Strange Dominion: Weird Tales of the Wild West

Listen to the wind blow, feel the cold of the night after the heat of the day, gather round the fire and sit close to keep out the things that lurk in the shadows. Do you feel it? The weight of a thousand tales waiting in the dark to be uncovered, wild stories about how the west was not always won, may never be. There are ghosts here, demons, monsters, broken hearts and rendered souls thick with dust and blood- nothing is ever certain. Have you seen the way the shadows quake and shiver outside the fire? Do you sense them waiting for you in the night? Do you dare to know their strange dominion, to hear their siren call?

Featuring Tales by: Sharon L. Higa, Essel Pratt, Richard D. Ramsey, Michael Fisher, R.E. Lyons, Christine Morgan, Dona Fox, Kevin Henry, Scot Rinehart, Kent Hill, Charie D. LaMarr, Mark Woods, Dani Brown, Amanda M. Lyons, Michael Noe, Andrew Bell, Juan Julio Gutierrez

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Drive In Creature Feature, published by Evil Jester Press

Get in line. Buy a ticket, and take a terrifying trip to the DRIVE-IN CREATURE FEATURE. Where those monsters from the classic films from the 1950’s to 1980’s shined on the large, iconic sliver screens. Where the struggle between human and monsters came alive for the fate of the world. Monsters who where created from an experiment gone wrong, legendary beasts long asleep, now awaken by melting humans Visitors from afar that aren't as friendly as they appear. Monsters like giant parasitic bugs and ancient sea beasts on the prowl. A mysterious plague turning the homeless population into Moss people. A government sponsored monster who goes toe-to-toe with a monster of Celtic myth. and many more of the creatures we loved growing up are included. Intriguing tales by some of the best names in horror, including New York Times Best selling authors and comic book writers, Clive Barker, Joe R. Lansdale, Jonathan Maberry, Christopher Golden & Mike Mignola, S.G. Browne, Elizabeth Massie, Ronald Kelly, William, F. Nolan, Lisa Morton, Taylor Grant, Joe McKinney, and so many more, with some new surprise authors forthcoming.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Splat 2: Edited by T.S. Woolard and John Ledger

You came for the Splat and satisfaction brought you back!

Here you’ll find yet more tales of the grotesque and sickening to tickle your gorge from authors Essel Pratt, Tristann Jones, John Ledger, Richard D Ramsey, Amanda M Lyons, Zolt├ín Komor, Donald Armfield, Michael Noe, William Bradley, Dani Brown, Justin Hunter, Lisa Dabrowski, Jonathan Moon, Brian Barr, Brian Glossup,Toneye Eyenot, Charie D. La Marr, Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason. Be careful what you wish for!

Monday, August 15, 2016

David and Peggy's Excellent Recurring Nightmares

7 horror writers are gifted the names of 2 real people and told to do whatever they wanted – as long as those unspeakable acts contained a chicken! In the resulting stories, “David” and “Peggy” are troubled, tortured, and terrified. The owners of these names won the right and the exquisite privilege to experience this unique madness, and the writers of GLAHW were all too happy to oblige. Welcome to the 3rd Edition of Recurring Nightmares, the Special Raffle Prize of the annual Monster Mash for Literacy Bash, hosted by the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers. This Annual Halloween Party benefits the Dominican and Siena Literacy Organizations in Detroit.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Suburban Secrets 2: Ghosts & Graveyards

With Suburban Secrets: A Neighborhood of Nightmares you got a taste for the hidden, now dig deeper with us to find the horrors of the most legendary source of fear in town, Ghosts and Graveyards! In this volume of the series you’ll find poems and tales to haunt your thoughts, unrequited and jealous love, avenging ghosts, regret, terror, death, and madness. Take a turn down forgotten alleys, into abandoned houses, and the most haunted place of all, the human heart.

Stories by some of the best in the horror genre, including Coralie Rowe, Michelle Garza, Melissa Lason, D. S. Scott, Amanda M. Lyons, Justin Hunter, Essel Pratt, Mistress Rosie, Michael Faun, Roy C. Booth, Axel Kohagen, Andrew Bell, Toneye Eyenot, Roma Gray, S. A. McKernan, T. S. Woolard, Charie D. La Marr, Christine Morgan, Donald Armfield, Tristann Jones, Brian Barr, Dona Fox, William Bradley

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Gore Carnival Series Boxset

Welcome to the carnival, freak show of terror where a bizarro, rampant world of horror eats your soul. Take a stroll through the parks and hear the tales of woe and murder as you read the gruesome scenes these authors have put together now. Tickets available at the cost of a spleen.

We continue through the halls of the carnival of gore as more authors prepare your senses for ungodly acts of insanity. Grab your popcorn and find your seat, but be careful of the blood dripping down the aisles. This wil be a show to die for!

Alas! The Encore is here, a scene you didn't think your mind could behold. You have sat through bloodshed and terror, nearly choked on your cotton candy, and picked an eyeball from your drink cup. The authors have prepared a special treat for you...but can you withstand the poisonous fumes of fury?

You stand to applaud the scenes of horror as the last tale flutters through your mind. Blood is on your hands now as you walk from the show tent to your car. What awaits you there in the shadows of chaos as you crack your door to climb in? You turn to face the crowd gathered round as your body is carried from the stage to the outside grounds. Can it be true? The old saying goes... no one escapes the carnival of gore...

Standing Ovation (The Gore Carnival Book 4)

You stand to applaud the scenes of horror as the last tale flutters through your mind. Blood is on your hands now as you walk from the show tent to your car. What awaits you there in the shadows of chaos as you crack your door to climb in? You turn to face the crowd gathered round as your body is carried from the stage to the outside grounds. Can it be true? The old saying goes... no one escapes the carnival of gore...

Friday, July 15, 2016

Rejected for Content 4: Highway to Hell

Some roads lead to fame and fortune. Some roads lead to safety and sanctuary. Some roads lead to misery and suffering. Some roads lead nowhere. And some roads lead straight to hell. Come along for the ride if you dare, as Rejected for Content 4 takes you down roads with only one true destination awaiting at the end. Ride actual roads with damaged, deranges souls, and travel along the highways if the mind where psychosis, darkness, and the depths of brutality and perversion dwell. These stories have all been rejected for content: these stories will all take you on the highway to hell. It's a long way down.

 Featuring K. Trap Jones, Eric LaRocca, Essel Pratt, T.S. Woolard, Amanda M. Lyons, Brian Glossup, Kindra Sowder, John Ledger, Jonathan Edward Ondrashek, James Longmore, S. A. Mckernan, David Owain Hughes, Rebecca Kolodziej, Michael Fisher, Bekki Pate, Peter Oliver Wonder, Josh Davis, Roma Gray, Lyndon D. Johnson, G. Zimmerman, Mark Woods, William Bradley, Jay Helmstutler, and Toneye Eyenot.

Warning: Strong violence, explicit sex, coarse language, blood, and gore.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Ugly Babies 3 / Ghosts Redemption y JWK Fiction

Two excellent anthologies in one! Ugly Babies 3: here’s nothing quite like the birth of a child. Children are born in our likenesses... we treasure their beauty, their innocence, and marvel as they take their first breaths outside of their mother’s womb. In a perfect world, babies are miracles. But as we know, the world is not always perfect. Ghosts Redemption: everyone likes a good ghost story. You'll find this collection both entertaining and haunting. Some of the biggest names in horror have come together to offer their take on what it might be like to be a ghost, and an angry ghost, the kind of ghost not soon forgotten. Ever seen a ghost? If you've seen a ghost like one these, well, then likely you are reading this as a ghost--and angry, with a story of your own to tell. Now, look over your shoulder. Go ahead. Be frightened by what you see. You may, in fact, already haunting these pages.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Within Stranger Aeons, Published by J. Ellington Ashton Press

There are dimensions beyond that which is known to man. They are realms as vast as space and older than time itself. In these realms are beings beyond light and shadow, beyond good and evil, and there lie harbingers of the end of the human age.

The stars are right.

This is the epoch of terror & devastation. It is an age which is...Within Stranger Aeons.

Featuring stories and poems by: Michael Fisher, H.P. Lovecraft, Andew Bell, Mord McGhee, Juan J. Gutierrez, Owen Barrass, Kevin Candela, William Henry Tucker, Roy C. Booth, Ashley Dioses, Andrew J. Lucas, Essel Pratt, G. Zimmerman, Brian Barr, Mark Woods, Justin Hunter, Amanda M. Lyons, Dona Fox, Charie D. Lamarr

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Published in Fata Arcana

What do the fates hold in store for us all? What will the cards offer us as they are all laid out and the chances for risk, danger, truth, and change begin to unfold? Hope? Death? New beginnings? Misfortune? Join us for an anthology which dares to tackle each of the major arcana and tell the story of people facing what their hand has dealt them, for good or ill.

Contributors include: Sebastian Crow, Susan Simone, Essel Pratt, T. S. Woolard, Charie D. LA Marr, Magenta Nero, Justin Hunter, Roger Corwin, Michele Garza, Toneye Eyenot, Brian Barr, Deb Hoag, John Ledger, Michael Kanuckel, Michael Noe, Mark Woods, Amanda M. Lyons, Dona Fox, Tammy Gelhert, Alice J. Black, Jason Gehlert, Lisa Dabrowski

Monday, April 18, 2016

Horror From The Inside Out

Horror From The Inside Out is an Anthology that brings together Authors and Poets from around The Globe , Contributing their work to Benefit Those with Autism.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Busted Lip, published by Fat-Lip Press

The first anthology by Fat-Lip Press featuring the best new and upcoming horror authors. Cory Cline, Xtina Marie, Michael Noe, Essel and Peyton Pratt, Kasey Hill, A.T. King, James Harper, A.R. Vidal, Donald Armfield.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Surreal Nightmares, by JWK Fiction

“Surreal Nightmares” is a new collection of transgressive horror from JWK Fiction, edited by James Ward Kirk and Sebastian Crow. Within these pages you will find surreal works of horror, stories with nightmarish qualities, stories that push the boundaries of experimental fiction, stories that blend prose and poetry. Tap into this strange, twisted realm of dreams and nightmares, these bizarre and terrifying visions. Gidion Van de Swaluw's surreal and outlandish illustrations expand the madness to the point of no return. Come, let us be part of your surreal nightmares!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

New England: Weird

When thinking of the weirdest parts of the United States, one does not necessarily think of New England. However, its extensive history is no stranger to oddness.

New England is said to be the birthplace of the hamburger, sideburns were named after a former governor, PEZ was invented there, and the first public library was established in New Hampshire. Also, let us not forget, nearly everything is void or prohibited in the tiny state of Rhode Island. Now, adding to the oddness of the North Eastern United States, we present you with New England: Weird.

This book has been on a strange journey, in fact, it nearly didn’t happen at all. For over a year, the pages that follow have been passed back and forth from one editor to another, swapping hands with publishers along the way, before finally landing where it stands now. What you are about to read is not necessarily horror, bizarro, whimsical writings, or anything in between. What you are about to read is simply a collection of odd tales, each set in New England, written by some of the most talented writers I know, each presenting you with an amazing variety that makes up the whole of New England: Weird

Featuring Tales by Catfish McDaris, Cameron Shifflet, Garvan Giltinan, David S. Pointer, Charie D. Lamarr, David Anderson, Anna Haney, Brian Barr, Thomas Olivieri, Donald Armfield, Essel Pratt, Roma Gray

Monday, March 7, 2016

FTB Presents: ODDisms

ODDisms is an attempt to find meaning in an undefined word. The stories are of strange beliefs and practices which take the characters into oddball situations. Everyone has their quirks, what happens when the quirks become your philosophy or belief systems? Let’s find out. Some of the ODDisms include Escapeism, Thirdism, Uberism, Chimerism, Refitism, Gethinism, Ambi-Americanism, Hackism, and Tuneism. These are just a few of the –isms that attempt to define ODDism. The international cast of authors includes Matthew Hall, Anne Wilson, Catherine A MacKenzie, Matthew Harrison, Glen Damien Campbell, Mary Steer, Paul Rhodes, Diane Arrelle, Essel Pratt, Edward Ahern, Lance Hyden, Charly Douglas, Sarah Doebereiner, Tracey Chapman, J.J. Steinfeld, DJ Tyrer, Karen Robiscoe, by Veronica Smith, Matt McGee, Samuel Kim, Matthew Aufiero, Mary Steer, David Perlmutter, Ed Cooke, and Katherine Park.

Monday, February 29, 2016

M v F: Death Personified- Book 2

Dig into the most brutal contest ever.

Male verses female. A slight suggestion for theme and...GO!

What you, dear reader, have before you is the result of a violent, bloody, gruesome battle to reign supreme. Each set of stories (from one male and one female) was sent to a team of judges. Nerves began twitching and egos sagged. Would the males or females be declared the Best Horror Writers of 2015?

The results were returned. Jaws dropped. The contest was declared a tie! The winners from each set were pitted again. There was a winner, but only by one story. The females won; as soon as that was said, threats of revenge gushed forth. The men were ready to fire back.

 In a double anthology, decide for yourself who should have won. Do you agree with the judges? Let the battle continue...Male vs Female. Female vs Male. To the death.

Book Two Features the Winning Men and their Female seconds: Essel Pratt, Dona Fox, T.S. Woolard, Alice J. Black, Andrew Freudenberg, Brenda Evans, Jim Goforth, Christina Engela, Michael Noe, Dani Brown, Stuart Keane, Amanda M. Lyons, John Ledger, catt Dahman

Also check out book 1, F v M: Deadliest of the Species

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Jurassic Attack, Published by J. Ellington Ashton Press

They've been gone from our world for millions of years, little more than a collection of fossilized bones and detritus from a forgotten past, but now they walk among us! Dinosaurs have returned without a moment's warning and now they're coming to take back their world one stomping foot, swiping claw, and gnashing tooth at a time. Can you survive the Jurassic Attack?

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Trollkind: Under The Bridge

The troll has long been with us, a beast that dwelled under the bridges and in the dark hollows of our world. Often cruel, misshapen, and always hungry it came and went on its own terms, a monster which took and hid. He was a beast we left behind in the dark ages, the mark of an era of superstition and darkness-- or so we thought. Here you will find trolls of many sorts, monster, man, and gentle, if conflicted, ally all of them very much a part of our modern world.