Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Silent Scream
Silent Scream is "a brilliant collection of short stories from a group of very talented indie authors" and includes my short titled, "Canopic Servitude".  I originally wrote the story for another anthology,  however it was rejected due to the abundance of fantastic submissions.  I was a little saddened by the rejection but used the upbeat tone of the rejection to rework the piece.  It wasn't long before Silent Scream came along and I submitted.  I was ecstatic to see the piece was accepted. 

"A collection of short terrors from the minds of various talented Indie Authors. Sit a spell and discover what happens when a storekeeper decides to change locations and realizes she has to move more than boxes. Then discover what happens to a young lad dying to shed his boyhood only to discover a most unimaginable horror. Also, discover a world where ferocious felines with a hidden agenda over power two local residents and resurrect their mighty king and queen. With much more to explore, Silent Scream has something for everyone."