Monday, July 27, 2015

Published in Suburban Secrets: A Neighborhood of Nightmares

From the minds of T.S. Woolard, Michael Kanuckel, Essel Pratt, Zoltan Komor, Kevin Candela, Tina Piney, Jorge Palacios, Alice J. Black, C.S. Nelson, Amanda M. Lyons, Michael Noe, Brian Barr, Dani Brown, Kent Hill, Dixie Pinoit, Richard Ramsey, Jim Goforth, and Justin Hunter.

Suburbia was supposed to be the idle American dream, the payoff for all our hard work and ingenuity, but it was never quite what it made itself out to be, was it? Down beneath the facade of green perfectly trimmed lawns, cookie cutter houses, neighborhood associations and the quiet late night streets are a thousand terrible secrets, each of them darker than the last. Here you will encounter tales of horror and the bizarre, forbidden towns, costly homeowner's associations, illicit blood sports, the occult, and all the bitter fruit of hidden monsters. Welcome to our neighborhood of nightmares!