Sunday, May 15, 2016

Published in Fata Arcana

What do the fates hold in store for us all? What will the cards offer us as they are all laid out and the chances for risk, danger, truth, and change begin to unfold? Hope? Death? New beginnings? Misfortune? Join us for an anthology which dares to tackle each of the major arcana and tell the story of people facing what their hand has dealt them, for good or ill.

Contributors include: Sebastian Crow, Susan Simone, Essel Pratt, T. S. Woolard, Charie D. LA Marr, Magenta Nero, Justin Hunter, Roger Corwin, Michele Garza, Toneye Eyenot, Brian Barr, Deb Hoag, John Ledger, Michael Kanuckel, Michael Noe, Mark Woods, Amanda M. Lyons, Dona Fox, Tammy Gelhert, Alice J. Black, Jason Gehlert, Lisa Dabrowski