Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Gore Carnival Series Boxset

Welcome to the carnival, freak show of terror where a bizarro, rampant world of horror eats your soul. Take a stroll through the parks and hear the tales of woe and murder as you read the gruesome scenes these authors have put together now. Tickets available at the cost of a spleen.

We continue through the halls of the carnival of gore as more authors prepare your senses for ungodly acts of insanity. Grab your popcorn and find your seat, but be careful of the blood dripping down the aisles. This wil be a show to die for!

Alas! The Encore is here, a scene you didn't think your mind could behold. You have sat through bloodshed and terror, nearly choked on your cotton candy, and picked an eyeball from your drink cup. The authors have prepared a special treat for you...but can you withstand the poisonous fumes of fury?

You stand to applaud the scenes of horror as the last tale flutters through your mind. Blood is on your hands now as you walk from the show tent to your car. What awaits you there in the shadows of chaos as you crack your door to climb in? You turn to face the crowd gathered round as your body is carried from the stage to the outside grounds. Can it be true? The old saying goes... no one escapes the carnival of gore...