Tuesday, December 6, 2016

FTB Presents: The Renegades of Prose

A renegade is person who lives by their own set of rules. Someone who is not afraid to defy what they, or others may consider normal. With this anthology, we looked for stories that challenged the writers creativity and took risks with the subject matter and/or style. A story that defines the writer as a Renegade of Prose. The Renegades of Prose is a collection of stories from 18 international authors, including Maggie Vaness, Jessica Bowden, Catherine A. MacKenzie, DJ Tyrer, Essell Pratt, Lance Hyden, Paul Rhodes, Phil Richardson, Sandi Sonnenfeld, Na’amah Segal, Stephen McQuiggan, Bryn Fortey, Rob Nicholson, Frank Roger, Chris Moylan, Jill Boyles, Mike Sherer, and James Pyne. Each of these writers dared themselves to create a story that allowed them to become a Renegade of Prose. The Renegades have penned stories about a jealous roommate, an exterminator hired to tackle a unique pest, a rapidly spreading skin condition, a corporate bigwig who has been kidnapped, a scribing monk who made too many errors and a memorable night of Trick or Treating. This is a diverse collection of stories full of twists and turns, some may be disturbing and others thought provoking, but the one thing they have in common is they came from the mind of a Renegade.