Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cellar Door 2, published by JWK Fiction
Cellar Door II contains a story written by me called "Dalliance". It is another anthology that I had quite a bit of fun writing for.  I don't know what it is, but the anthologies created by JWK Fiction contain some of my favorite themes to write for. 

"Cellar Door... Linguists call it the most beautiful phrase in the English language based solely on the way it sounds. But as you can imagine, what it represents may be something far more sinister. In a spectacular display of poetry, artwork, fiction, and photography, the talent of fifty contributors is showcased within these pages. Voices from behind cellar doors all over the world come together in unison to whisper in your ear...can you hear them? Are they knocking on your cellar door? Edited by James Ward Kirk, each piece in this anthology has a beautiful title intrinsically connected to the tale that follows, and a door will be the common theme which connects the widely varied styles, genres, and stories told. Will you take your chances and find what's lurking behind your cellar door? This second volume of tales continues the tradition: Words of Beauty, Tales of Terror."


The Editor's Choice Awards for Cellar Door Volume Two go to Matt Cowan for "Numen" and K. K Trap Jones for "A Soul's Lullaby." Everyone wins, though, with this anthology. Congratulations!

From the Back Cover

Poetry  8
Alex S. Johnson  Essence of Ebon, Preserved9
Mathias Jansson Smoky bottles  10
Dona Fox The Door  11
Dona Fox Me and My . . . 11
Dona Fox  Magur  12
Dona Fox The Wonder Cave  13
DJ Tyrer  A Darkness in the Cellar  14
DJ Tyrer  Cellar Door  14
DJ Tyrer  Foundations  15
Robert E. Petras  The Soul Worms  15
Flash Fiction  16
K. Z. Morano  Wooden Lips  17
Essel Pratt  Dalliance  19
Short Stories  22
Dale Hollin  The Last Eulogy  23
Mike Jansen  The Angel's kiss  29
Neil Baker  A Late Summer Afternoon on Cranberry Farm    33
Michael Thomas Knight  The Gates of Lament  40
Dona Fox  Forevermore  56
Greg McWhorter  Sempiternal Denouement  64
David Eccles  The Esoteric Espial 72
Matt Cowan  Numen   76
M. J. Sydney  Ellensburg Blue  84
David Perlmutter  Little Pony Ride  95
Lee Forsythe  Karni Mata  102
Justin Hunter  Geisha White  108
K. Trap Jones   A Soul's Lullaby  117
Lori Safranek Angels Behind Glass  121
Suzy Saylor  A Halcyon Panacea  132
Patrick Lacey  Last Words  142
Kevin Rodgers  The Scent of Jasmine  153
Matthew Wilson  Video Nasty  163
Michael Randolph  Leannan SĂ­dhe  167
Gary Murphy  Horrorwerk  175
Adam Blampied Buried  181
Jason WolfgangGehler  Scarecrow Fields  184
Author Bios  195