Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ugly Babies Vol. 1, by JWK Fiction
Ugly Babies Vol. 1 features my short story titled, "Immaculate Deception" which is about a baby that decides to be unborn.  I loved writing this piece, because it was something quite different from what I am used to. Click on the picture to the left to purchase your copy!

"There’s nothing quite like the birth of a child. Children are born in our likenesses. We treasure their beauty...their innocence...we marvel as they take their first breath outside a mother’s womb. In a perfect world, babies are miracles. But as we know, the world is not always perfect. What happens when we allow ourselves to conceptualize the horrible possibilities...the terrifying consequences of childbirth gone wrong...the unimaginable monstrosity that might be born into this world, but from another...the worst case scenario of what could--but should not be? UGLY BABIES: The Anthology. Featuring poetry, artwork, and prose from the dark minds of fifty contributors who want to show YOU their ugly babies."