Monday, February 29, 2016

M v F: Death Personified- Book 2

Dig into the most brutal contest ever.

Male verses female. A slight suggestion for theme and...GO!

What you, dear reader, have before you is the result of a violent, bloody, gruesome battle to reign supreme. Each set of stories (from one male and one female) was sent to a team of judges. Nerves began twitching and egos sagged. Would the males or females be declared the Best Horror Writers of 2015?

The results were returned. Jaws dropped. The contest was declared a tie! The winners from each set were pitted again. There was a winner, but only by one story. The females won; as soon as that was said, threats of revenge gushed forth. The men were ready to fire back.

 In a double anthology, decide for yourself who should have won. Do you agree with the judges? Let the battle continue...Male vs Female. Female vs Male. To the death.

Book Two Features the Winning Men and their Female seconds: Essel Pratt, Dona Fox, T.S. Woolard, Alice J. Black, Andrew Freudenberg, Brenda Evans, Jim Goforth, Christina Engela, Michael Noe, Dani Brown, Stuart Keane, Amanda M. Lyons, John Ledger, catt Dahman

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