Monday, March 7, 2016

FTB Presents: ODDisms

ODDisms is an attempt to find meaning in an undefined word. The stories are of strange beliefs and practices which take the characters into oddball situations. Everyone has their quirks, what happens when the quirks become your philosophy or belief systems? Let’s find out. Some of the ODDisms include Escapeism, Thirdism, Uberism, Chimerism, Refitism, Gethinism, Ambi-Americanism, Hackism, and Tuneism. These are just a few of the –isms that attempt to define ODDism. The international cast of authors includes Matthew Hall, Anne Wilson, Catherine A MacKenzie, Matthew Harrison, Glen Damien Campbell, Mary Steer, Paul Rhodes, Diane Arrelle, Essel Pratt, Edward Ahern, Lance Hyden, Charly Douglas, Sarah Doebereiner, Tracey Chapman, J.J. Steinfeld, DJ Tyrer, Karen Robiscoe, by Veronica Smith, Matt McGee, Samuel Kim, Matthew Aufiero, Mary Steer, David Perlmutter, Ed Cooke, and Katherine Park.