Saturday, March 12, 2016

New England: Weird

When thinking of the weirdest parts of the United States, one does not necessarily think of New England. However, its extensive history is no stranger to oddness.

New England is said to be the birthplace of the hamburger, sideburns were named after a former governor, PEZ was invented there, and the first public library was established in New Hampshire. Also, let us not forget, nearly everything is void or prohibited in the tiny state of Rhode Island. Now, adding to the oddness of the North Eastern United States, we present you with New England: Weird.

This book has been on a strange journey, in fact, it nearly didn’t happen at all. For over a year, the pages that follow have been passed back and forth from one editor to another, swapping hands with publishers along the way, before finally landing where it stands now. What you are about to read is not necessarily horror, bizarro, whimsical writings, or anything in between. What you are about to read is simply a collection of odd tales, each set in New England, written by some of the most talented writers I know, each presenting you with an amazing variety that makes up the whole of New England: Weird

Featuring Tales by Catfish McDaris, Cameron Shifflet, Garvan Giltinan, David S. Pointer, Charie D. Lamarr, David Anderson, Anna Haney, Brian Barr, Thomas Olivieri, Donald Armfield, Essel Pratt, Roma Gray