Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Drowning in Gore

Have you heard the way the water moves? The slow drift of a thousand rivers, the mist of the waves, the fall of rain, the weight of fog on your flesh. Do you know its secrets? Ancient and primordial the waters rise and fall all around and deep within us all, driving and deep. What dwells within? What does it whisper when we're not listening, how does it swirl in the wrinkles and folds of our flesh? What stories would it tell, full and swollen with thin blood and thicker matter, death and the years of man's brief history, wrapped in water's endless cycles. Go there with us now, listen to the words, see her dark secrets, taste of the salt and iron, drown in its gore.

Stories by: Toneye Eyenot, Essel Pratt, Kevin Candela, Richard D. Ramsey, Amanda M. Lyons, Donald Armfield, Tina Piney, Charie D. La Marr, Brian Barr, Justin Hunter, Kent Hill, Dona Fox, and Jim Goforth