Saturday, September 3, 2016

Strange Dominion: Weird Tales of the Wild West

Listen to the wind blow, feel the cold of the night after the heat of the day, gather round the fire and sit close to keep out the things that lurk in the shadows. Do you feel it? The weight of a thousand tales waiting in the dark to be uncovered, wild stories about how the west was not always won, may never be. There are ghosts here, demons, monsters, broken hearts and rendered souls thick with dust and blood- nothing is ever certain. Have you seen the way the shadows quake and shiver outside the fire? Do you sense them waiting for you in the night? Do you dare to know their strange dominion, to hear their siren call?

Featuring Tales by: Sharon L. Higa, Essel Pratt, Richard D. Ramsey, Michael Fisher, R.E. Lyons, Christine Morgan, Dona Fox, Kevin Henry, Scot Rinehart, Kent Hill, Charie D. LaMarr, Mark Woods, Dani Brown, Amanda M. Lyons, Michael Noe, Andrew Bell, Juan Julio Gutierrez